Marriott Madness

Last night was a sea of green and gold in and around the Marriott last night. I can’t imagine the hotel was prepared for what unfolded-the temperature difference between inside the hotel and outside was noticeable-it was stifling and electric at the same time! The band was good, the ambiance was good and the Bison fanatics were having a memorable experience! There were thousands representing Bison nation last night and for this, we should be proud…

Representin’ Homewood Suites!

We just flew into DFW after starting the day at 5 a.m. on our first flight out of Fargo. Bison fans everywhere! Someone even had the nerve to wear a UND shirt-we were North Dakota Nice and didn’t mock him…much! Went out to the pool (we have a ten year old boy with us) and visited with some NDSU students who are living it up in the hot tub.  My husband (BisonCardinal) is out there right now with his big Bison hat and enjoying a beverage with them. The weather here is gorgeous! Hope to see people at the gathering tonight..