It was a week ago today, my family and friends we were with, had been in Texas a couple of days already with great anticipation for Saturday’s championship game. It was a blast the whole time but as excited as everyone was, I can’t let Frisco off the hook quite so easy this year. 1. Bison Intro- fail  2. Turf- fail  3. P A announcer- fail- did he check the pronunciation of the players names. 4. Clocks and 40 second clock- fail.

Finally, the pep fest was a blast, but once again running out of beer or trying to poor beer into keg cups was extremely patience testing.

All in all, it was a great experience for the third time, but if and when we come back next year, I hope those things will be corrected.

Now for next year. Have you seen the Sports Network FCS picks for next year. Sure they gave NDSU some love, but direct note to Coach K, put the article on the board right now. Yes the one that has Eastern Washington the team to beat next year!!!!

Craig Haley has given NDSU some great props over the years, but you would think he should, with the dominating team we have had. But to drop us to his 2nd position even after the wrinkled turf has not yet settled, is unsettling.

I was going to just relax a bit and enjoy the 3-peat, but now I am pumped to get next year started and the target should be to meet and beat Eastern Washington. I wanted that scenario this year, but now I really want it.

Quick shout out to the Basketball teams, and Wrestling and Track and Baseball coming up, but even Football off season, I am pumped. Great to see coach Polasek back, he was always my favorite assistant  and I was in Coach K’s camp since Coach Bohl announced he was leaving.

Go Bison!!!!

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I think next year’s Bison team – given a time machine – would have mopped the floor with this year’s playoff teams (with the exception of this year’s Bison, of course). Including the red turf team.

  2. NDSU needs to.move up. 3 years same place. Boring! Get to mountain west and start being a national power

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