Fat and Happy

Well it looks like the 6th home football game is not happening. Am I upset? Yes! Who should I be upset with? Montana State of course, but what about our side of things. Jeff Kolpack wrote regarding the vultures circling and trying to gouge NDSU to come and play at the Fargodome. What about our own vultures trying to squeeze every dime out of us fans with or without a good product on the field or court. It is almost as if we should say( ah shucks, it is ok if we do not get another home game, we will just travel to another road site. We are very good at it so lets just do that and not worry about another home game)

Yes I am upset that we may not or probably will not have the 6th home game, but I will get over it. That does not, however, not make me hold our administration accountable for being fan friendly. Sports will always draw fans but when the product gets stagnate or un-friendly to those who pay the bills, it drops and sometimes hard. See NBA, NASCAR and teams of any sport who do not win.

This is a fan blog and fans are supportive of their teams. I am, and always will be, but the administrations and those making the rules need to be accountable.

Go Bison.

11 thoughts on “Fat and Happy

  1. If the team does what it should be able to do then we should still get 8 home games this season. Every school wants 6 home games every year. That just isn’t a reasonable expectation. You can’t expect every other school to play 5 home games just so NDSU can have 6 every year. NDSU simply cannot pay upwards of $300K to some bottom feeder just to satisfy fans like you. It would be a terrible presedence to set.

    With that said NDSU had a great schedule in place until MSU backed out at the last minute. The blame for this whole mess lies squarely on Montana States AD. They knew they were going to be buying out the game last year but waited until it royally screwed NDSU. They will never be on NDSU’s schedule again and I hope they have to play us in the playoffs!

    GO BISON!!!

  2. The Missouri Tigers have 9-14 open on there schedule. Either pay them or we can go for a drive. Lets keep stepping up the competion. Do not schedule some laydown game.

  3. We’ll probably go play Northern Arizona down there. Miami of Ohio and some other MAC teams have opening too but that wouldn’t be good for us to play two FBS teams like UNI did last year. Go down and stomp some NAU butt and come home a get ready to lay the smack down on Delaware State.

    • NAU should be the best Big Sky FB team this year, they will be better than Montana State. This would be a fun game and a great Bison win!

      • What level competition and amount of competition is good for the BISON student athletes? Is it not true that the BISON are human and could actually lose to another team … just on bad bounces?
        When do self satisfied expectations about WIN-WIN-WIN sour fans and players to real life athletic enjoyment? What is the difference between a cheer “HOLD THAT LINE” or “FIRST AND TEN DO IT AGAIN” and the one of “WE’RE NUMBER ONE”. What is the difference between fans cheering to disrupt another team’s offense and cheering to bolster out team’s defense??? Are FARGODOME fans good sports???

  4. In response to the original poster . . . how would you have handled the unprecidented demand for bison football tickets? Dropped prices?

    Come on, that’s a rant without substance if I’ve ever seen one. NDSU has been very modest and calculated with increases to football prices. No vultures here, move along.

  5. Let’s face it when football fans are roaring the FARGODOME is a horrid place in which to play for BISON opponents. Silence for the NDSU offense and bedlam for the opponents offense. It is worth at least 7 points a game advantage for NDSU and NDSU has a great team and coaches! The FARGODOME is a fun, great place FOR THE BISON. This should be recognized and savored for a while.

  6. I dont care, I have supreme faith and confidence in this Bison team and Coaching staff.

  7. Let’s do the math here. 19,000 fans and a safe estimate of $25.00 per ticket equals $475,000 plus another easy $100,000 in concessions and we are bitching we won’t pay a crap team $250,000 to $300,000 to come to the dome and play a game. NDSU is just being flat out greedy. Get a 6th team in here and keep your fans and season ticket holders happy. So what if your profit margins aren’t what you want. You are still going to make some money and you keep your fan base happy. It’s a no brainer NDSU!

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