Schedule and Tickets

I was happy to see my season ticket statement in the mail yesterday and with it a listing of dates to mark your calender with. I like so many are chompin at the bit as they say to get this football season rolling. Since we are using horse references, I am concerned about the cart before the horse with those dates and events. I do not want to criticize or single out any of those in scheduling and planning, but I will challenge NDSU as a whole in a few things.

The spring game is scheduled for April 27. I had heard rumblings of maybe not having the game this year because of the long season and injuries etc.. Will it happen for sure?

The deadline for season ticket renewals is April 15. I will for sure be getting mine again, but it would be nice to know if we are having a 6th home game or not. If not will we be refunded some of our package? We all know the crap the MSU Poultry pulled on NDSU in bailing out of our home game, but we should have more answers as to a replacements by now.

Many would say we are enjoying some great times with NDSU football right now but I say you need to stay consistent with what got you there. Coaches and players seem to be on line for at least one more year of success, but things can change quickly. Playing fewer home games, charging more for tailgaiting and adding more rules and regulations, and overall making a fast buck, could bite NDSU just as quick as all of the fun and fanfare has evolved over the last few years.

Call me old school, as I have been tailgaiting and attending games as a student and alumni since the 80’s and I see the marketing and fan interest grow exponentially. I also see some changes that make me think that if something causes the bandwagon jumpers to fall off, we could be in a different situation.

I will be mailing off my teammaker and season ticket check very soon and have the spring game date locked on my phone along with other dates. I am even putting my cart in front of my horse for a third trip to Frisco, but deep down I will try and stay the course and not do things too crazy. I hope NDSU does the same.

Oh ya, the basketball teams are playing today in the first round of the Summit tourney and Wrestling just finished a pretty successful season and Track and Baseball and Softball are underway with what looks like some possible good results ahead. Go Bison.