Montana State

Wow, Montana State, really?

I was shocked to see that Montana State pulled some crap. Another reason to hate the Big Sky conference. Buyouts have got to come at a higher price.

Three years ago my family and I and many others traveled to Bozeman for a playoff game, in the year that one bad call could have possibly kept us from heading into next year looking for a four-peat. The Bobcat fans were a hoot, the team was good, until we again wore them, like many other opponents down in the 4th. The city was friendly and I even wrote an editorial in their paper which they printed. I complimented them up and down. Too bad for those fans and people that an administration would now turn around and shaft NDSU by pulling out of this year’s game.

First off, I have faith in Gene and Craig to fill that home game with another FCS opponent, and the 100K can go right to that team.

Without looking too far ahead, Oh how sweet it would be to see us hosting playoff games throughout next year again, and would it not be sweet to have the football gods end up with a matchup of let’s say Montana State at NDSU in 2nd round of 2013-2014 FCS championship playoffs. Hey Bobcat administrators, give Georgia Southern a call and see how that worked out 2 years ago for them.

Hope you get your game with an FBS team. Apparently you need to play a lesser opponent. Remember NDSU is still a little ole FCS school not a big FBS school.

Sorry Bobcat fans, we were looking forward to returning the hospitality to you, but your administration just fumbled.

4 thoughts on “Montana State

  1. i’ve never understood this paying for games system anyway….as you mention, the penalties should be huge for backing out, especially when the game is so close at hand. apparently montana state figures they can give up $100k, because they will perhaps make that much more money by playing FBS Southern Methodist? plus, they might feel their chances of actually winning against southern methodist are better. good luck on filling out our schedule…their can’t be too many teams left with open dates this late in the game.

  2. We live west of Bozeman outside the small town Manhattan. We are huge BISON fans & graduates from NDSU. We had planned to go to K State , then to Fargo for the MT State game. Now that is ruined because the MT State athletic director, coaches, & players are in my opinion Cowards. GO GREAT BISON!!

  3. Another example of the pins and needles approach to all of this shakeup of conferences and media attention to blowhards like Barry Alvarez at Wisconsin. I have thought the FCS and winning championships was where we should stay for a bit, but if FCS teams and now FBS teams want to run and hide from us, then lets chase them down and join the FBS and kick there a—- there. Now I am really riled up, so why not pull a Notre Dame. They have football history and so do we. Join FBS without a conference. Crazy I know, but I am riled up.

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