Here we come

Today is New Years Day. Many people still slow moving and many already on their way to the start of more resolutions. I have not lost 20 pounds yet, so screw that resolution. I drank beer after midnight, so that one is shot as well. My plan to be a better person is out the window as well, because I have no patience for many people out there.

I do not Tweet and Facebook. Why, because it is stupid. I saw hundreds of people last night at an event sitting together and all of them had phones in hand doing whatever and not even talking to the person next to them. Rude and stupid.

When I wake up this morning I see someone freaking out on a sister blog, about Grant Olson being done for the year. A picture and a tweet and boom a firestorm erupts.

Tweeting and Facebook and the other crap are part of the downfall of society. It is gossip and rumor mill activity on steroids and in an instant.

So with that said, how about some positivity heading to Frisco. Here we come.

As for Tweets and Twits and Face Freaks, try calling someone and talking to them, or better yet sit down with them and visit across from each other. You might be surprised how well that still works.