Wipe the sweat away and still standing. Another great Defensive football game and Offensive game that scored just enough to win.

That is the quick summary of the Bison/Wofford quarterfinal game. Perhaps a bit more detailed would be:

Many Herd Fans might want to put their peacock strut in the closet for a few more weeks. I heard a lot of overconfindent blowhards spouting off about the Herd winning by 3 scores and more. It is the playoffs and just because a team seems overmatched in some areas, strange things happen.

I believe the tight game was a great wakeup call again because we definately do not want to go into the semis with the attitude that GA southern is a creampuff like last year. If we would have won big, I think even some of the players would have pulled out the cowboy boots for the trip in January, so keep them in the closet yet as well.

Kudos to so many players on this team. Grant Olson is a player’s player. Not only is he directing the defense he is around the play every time. What is nice to see, is Esley Thorton is hanging by him and he made some plays yesterday as well and that is great to see. It is not fun to just pick out a couple names but on Friday, I predict we will see a bunch of different players stepping up again as GS is and will be quicker than Wofford.

We also need to heal quick. Smith is needed and all receivers need to be able to block and seal some outside runs for us. Our O line did a nice job, but not nice enough. They need to blow some people away. Our superstar corner was taken out of the game with his pass coverage against a team that does not pass, but i think they hit on all but one or two of the passes they threw, so that has to be corrected. Come on Marcus!

With all of that, since this is a fan blog, I would hope to see our fans step it up more. The Dome seemed flat again. It was not as noisy as it has and can be. I also watched the replay on ESPN3 and although Ben Leber and the game callers did a nice job, they did hype the noise factor a few times, but it did not seem that loud then either. This week it is national coverage on ESPN 2. If you want to show the country what we are about then Friday is the time.

Lets bring it all on Friday.

Go Bison.

3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Good stuff! I’m not so sure about the “overconfident blowhards”. This game seemed alot like the first SDSU match, SDSU played really well and had excellent schemes, NDSU won a close one. The second game went a little more like I expected, NDSU won by more.An example of Wofford were the pooch punts, both times pinning the Bison inside the 3 yard line, couldn’t execute any better, perfect scheme and perfect result. Another thought, Brock lost some swagger, but the TD pass he threw to Vraa was a real gem, strong arm right on the money. I was happy to see that, especially after the pick 6. I like NDSU’s chances, I think the Bison will win and move on to Frisco.

  2. Whew is right! But a championship team doesn’t necessarily blow everybody away. They do what they have to to win. They rise to the occassion. Hopefully we can do just that 2 more times.

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