Terrier Game Plan

Passing: 80 attempts and 42 completions in 12 games.  That roughly equates to 6 attempts/game and 1.75 completions per half.  The Wofford Quarterback doesn’t even have a QB rating.  Interestingly, you need a min of 100 attempts to establish a QB rating.  These are Christian Ponder vs. Packers-like passing numbers.  The main difference between the Vikings and the Terriers: The Terriers have a pretty descent defense.  They rank 11th in total defense.

Given they have won all season long despite such a one-dimensional offense, shows what they will do today against NDSU.  Given that level of passing ineptitude, some may argue that Wofford couldn’t pass a whole heck of a lot even if it wanted to.  Wofford head coach Mike Ayers was quotes in the Sumter (S.C) Item as saying, “They [NDSU] are very well-coached and have some great players. The first thing we have to do is get a first down. Then we take it from there. We just need to stay on schedule. If we can just get 3 1/2 yards every time, we move the sticks.”

3.5 yards per carry is what they are hoping for???  Wow – That’s actually not that great of an average for most RB’s.  I expect they are going to feed us a steady diet of Zenner  Bell Breitenstein.  Sorry, I had flash backs to the last guy who was going to run all over us.  By the way, is it just me or have I seen at least three Running Backs who were supposedly the leading FCS rusher?  Zenner, the Stonybrook Running Back and now Breitenstein.  I’m confused with who the leader is, but I digress.

I argue if we can keep Breisenstein to 3.5 yards / carry, Wofford is done.  They have a tendency to cough up the ball.  Jensen’s going to throw and force them to change their game plan.

NDSU Wins. 24-14

Go Bison!

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