Fear The Zenner

Maybe a little over the top with the title. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Bison fan. Maybe simply “Respect” would’ve been better to use. 295 yards – a new single game SDSU single-game record – thrashed the EIU defense. It was men vs boys. I watched every minute of that game and can attest that is not an exaggeration.  They (EIU) was shell-shocked going into half time. By that time Zach had almost 240 yard and 3 touchdowns. A great day by any school’s standards – but the day was only half over. Thankfully Coach Steigelmeier called off the dogs – almost embarrassingly so – with about 6 min to go in the game. He pulled almost everyone for second-stringers, or Zach may have gotten the 38 yards that he needed to set a new FCS record. A very classy move my SDSU.  This kid single-handedly destroyed Eastern Illinois.

Getting to the story line of this week…

When SDSU played NDSU during the regular season, I got the impression they were trying to disguise what they were, by throwing a high number of passes. I suspect they did this to see if we were so keyed in on Zenner – as to leave passing lanes open. Well, we how know how that turned out for them.

This Saturday, I expect SDSU to get back to their bread and butter: RUNNING THE FOOTBALL. They would be stupid not to.  I actually would be disappointed if they didn’t.  A steady diet of Zenner, they will be feeding us on Saturday.  Zenner right, Zenner left, same Zenner up the middle.

This is a different game.  A different time (three weeks removed, it seems weird to say that) And – oh by the way – it is really difficult to beat the same team twice.

Go Bison!

One thought on “Fear The Zenner

  1. An irresistable force (Zack Zenner) vs an immovable object (Bison defence). The IO won the first meeting as Zenner gained only 43 yards. We will likely see more from Zenner this time around. These teams such as EIU don’t play MVFC defence and don’t how to play against such a defence. Its a sham that NDSU and SDSU have to meet in the 2nd round.

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